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Applico's CEO Alex Moazed started an App company five years ago that now caters to the big dogs like NBC and AT&T. But his own tech startup is transitioning as he is realizing he needs to teach major corporations that the move to mobile is more about just making an application for your smartphone or tablet -- it requires a re-imagining of your business model. Also: Would you wear a watch made by Apple? Don't worry, CNET's Molly Wood says you won't have to make that decision any time soon. But rumors have us asking the question: what will an iWatch do that a regular watch can't?

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American Express to launch pay-by-tweet

Starting Wednesday, American Express customers who link their cards to their Twitter accounts will be able to make purchases with a tweet.
Posted In: Twitter, american express, social media

Apple eyes smart watch

While wearable electronics seem to be the next must-have gadget, it's not clear whether consumers are ready to compromise style for function.
Posted In: Tech, apple, watches, mobile

Applico CEO thinks beyond 'an app for that'

Alex Moazed, CEO of Applico, says companies need that companies need to think beyond just a mobile app and rethink their business.
Posted In: app, mobile, startup, Tech

Where does tech fit on the president's agenda?

Who's that sitting near the first lady at the president State of the Union address? Word is it's going to be Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Posted In: Obama, State of the Union, Tech

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