Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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A list of more than 5,000 online companies and organizations want to help -- and hurt -- two separate pieces of legislation moving through Capitol Hill. The bills deal with the Nationasl Security Agency and surveillance. Taiwanese phone maker HTC announced quarterly earnings that fell to $1.4 billion this week. That may not sound bad, but in a competitive smartphone market, HTC has struggled to sit at the table with the likes of Apple and Samsung. Plus, a new operating system out of North Korea and a novel way to give out your phone number.

North Korea's homegrown operating system seems familiar

Like other technology and software out of the DPRK, the new OS seems to imitate rather than innovate.
Posted In: North Korea, DPRK, operating systems

HTC goes low-end amid struggle to compete in smartphone market

The Taiwanese phone maker considers new moves after a disappointing earnings report.
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Civil liberties activists hold a rally protesting surveillance of U.S. citizens by the National Security Agency Jan. 17 at the Justice Department in Washington.

Can redditors influence lawmakers?

Internet companies work to influence Congress... again.
Posted In: reddit, Internet, nsa, surveillance

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