Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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All this week, Marketplace Tech is talking about the digital currency Bitcoin. Yesterday, we found out that like most forms of currency, Bitcoin is "a massive hallucination we all agree upon." But it's also a techy idea -- a network where computers with a shared record of transactions can trade long strings of letters and numbers to keep track of who has what. Whether that description sounds simplistic or overly complicated, there's a company designed to make sure we don't ever have to worry about it. Plus, what options are there for people who need to replace their incandescent bulbs after new efficiency standards go into effect in 2014?

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Obama to meet with tech execs about NSA spying

President Obama is meeting with tech industry leaders this morning. One of the big issues on the table is the National Security Agency’s big surveillance program.
Posted In: NSA leaks, nsa, Google, Facebook

Coinbase wants to bring Bitcoins from the nerds to you

A Silicon Valley startup is the PayPal of Bitcoin.
Posted In: bitcoin

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