Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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This week, instead of frequent flier miles, your new pre-paid American Express card may offer virtual cash for the online multiplayer video game League of Legends. And if you're excited for the days when we can all unlock our cars and our front doors with our phones, you're not alone. Software makers in the U.S. have been making all sorts of stuff for smart homes and door locks are part of it. Of course, smart homes are vulnerable to hacks, and modern technology is actually challenging some of the old ways to lock up, too.

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A new, cheap iPhone from Apple?

Apple is expected to roll out new iPhones next month, and rumor has it a cheap one is on the way.
Posted In: apple, iPhone

Will Stringwire be a game changer for NBC News?

NBC News just bought a new startup that aims to revolutionize news gathering.
Posted In: NBC Universal, NBC, startups, streaming video

Hacking the doors of the future

"Smart homes" that can be unlocked by smart phones are around the corner, but so are hacks that will unlock the front door.
Posted In: smartphones, 3D printing, computer security

AmEx's plan to lure gamers: Partner with 'League of Legends'

American Express will reveal a line of "League of Legends"-themed debit cards, in which cardholders can earn rewards points for in-game currency.
Posted In: american express, league of legends, video games, gamification

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