Marketplace Tech for Thursday, October 3, 2013

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As tech stories go, it doesn't often get stranger than this. A man known as Dread Pirate Roberts was arrested by the Feds in San Francisco yesterday. His alleged crime? Being the organizer behind Silk Road. A kind of anonymous online black market where everything from illegal drugs to professional hit jobs can be bought and sold.

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Australians ahead of the curve when it comes to moving health care to the digital world

In Australia, digital medical records and other health care technologies have been in place for years.
Posted In: ACA, health care, Obamacare, health exchanges, digital medical records, Australia, World Health Organization

Silk Road hits a big bump along the way

The FBI has shut down Silk Road, the online anonymous black market.
Posted In: Silk Road, drugs, FBI

Tesla in hot water after its car catches on fire

Electric car maker Tesla saw a drop in its shares yesterday after a video of one of its cars that caught on fire went viral.
Posted In: tesla, safety, electric car

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