Marketplace Tech for Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Amazon reports quarterly earnings today. But while the company's reach is global, it's not exactly known for profit. And that's not just a joke about Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post. For now the company seems happy to keep prices low and ventures plentiful. Is it working? 

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YouTube to begin offering premium music service

Can it compete in a crowded marketplace?
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New York's next tech hub: Harlem

A new co-working space in Harlem aims to bring more tech to the neighborhood.
Posted In: Harlem, coworking

Inside Google Ideas, Google's New York 'think/do tank'

Google's East Coast think tank unveiled some new tools all designed to make internet access easier where it's now hard to get.
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Amazon's world domination plan: No profits?

Amazon is looking to grow and dominate, and is willing to sink billions into risky ventures like its streaming video service.
Posted In: Amazon, Wal-Mart, profits

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