Marketplace Tech for Thursday, November 21, 2013

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The domain name is scheduled to be auctioned off tonight. And you might have to cash in some of your mutual fund to even take part. The minimum bid starts at one million dollars. We look at the lucrative domain name business. Plus, we talk a lot on our show about new materials we're discovering and experimenting with, and how those materials might help us take big leaps forward when it comes to new technology. Today we look closely at one of those materials -- graphene. 

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Can Zuckerberg's help immigration reform?

At the DREAMer Hackathon, Silicon Valley joined with undocumented immigrants to try to move immigration reform forward.
Posted In:, immigration reform, DREAM Act

Graphene: OMG! The magic material that an elephant standing on a pencil couldn't break

Graphene is a material that could revolutionize microprocessing
Posted In: microchips

For sale: the domain-name Asking price: $1 million or more.

At auction tonight, the domain name won't break 2013's record unless it fetches more than$4.7 million.
Posted In: dot com boom, top-level domains, ICANN

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