Marketplace Tech for Thursday, May 15, 2014

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The Federal Communications Commission's big day is here. The FCC votes on new rules for how Internet Service Providers deal with streaming media. These new rules, proposed by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, leave open the possibility of "fast lane" deals, where companies could pay for their content to be delivered faster than others. And there's news that submarine crews in this arm of the American military will be getting some new gadgets: E-readers. Definitely more compact than old school books, but at $3,000 a pop they're not cheap. Are they a good idea?
Navy eReader

Navy sailors get an e-reader called 'NeRD'

The Navy is giving submarine crews very expensive tablets that let sailors read pre-loaded books.
Posted In: navy, military, Kindle, e-books

Is an internet 'fast lane' inevitable?

Some argue that the internet "fast lane" is coming, FCC regulation or not.
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