Marketplace Tech for Thursday, March 21, 2013

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South Korea is still recovering from an apparent cyberattack on Wednesday that shut down many cash machines, froze debit card transactions, and caused computers to go dark at banks and broadcasting companies. Power and transportation systems were not directly affected.  South Korean officials suspect North Korea but proving that will be difficult. Last week, North Korea had accused the South of getting into its computers. Is this the new norm?

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CEO of Electronic Arts steps down over Sim City debacle

There was a big shakeup this week in the gaming industry when the head of Electronic Arts resigned on Monday after a high-profile debacle involving the new Sim City game.
Posted In: video games, electronic arts

Photo Op-ed: Digital camera etiquette

These days, digital cameras are everywhere. In most cases, our phones double as cameras. But when is it right to snap a picture and when is it not? And how do our kids figure in to all of this?
Posted In: family, Tech, cameras, family tech

Foursquare turns four: CEO Dennis Crowley on what's next

CEO of Foursquare, an app which lets users check in to physical locations and tell their social media friends about it, reflects on where the company has been and where it's headed.
Posted In: foursquare, Dennis Crowley, social media

South Korea accuses North Korea of cyberattack

South Korea is still recovering from an apparent cyberattack earlier this week. Government officials suspect North Korea of hacking, but is the country even capable?
Posted In: South Korea, North Korea, hacking

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