Marketplace Tech for Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Tech companies are reacting in myriad ways to government surveillance of online data. Some are calling for more transparency from the government, and some are building new things to give people a better sense of security online. Mozilla's Internet browser Firefox is in that last category. Firefox recently moved forward with a plan to automatically block third party cookies -- and advertisers aren't happy.

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Paypal gets intergalactic, planetary with space payments

PayPal wants to get into space payments. Space tourism is possibly a thing of the near future -- the company Virgin has scheduled its first consumer space flight for the end of this year.
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Firefox cuts back on the cookies

Firefox moved forward with a plan last week to automatically block third party cookies. As you might guess, advertisers, who rely on those little crumbs of code, aren't happy.
Posted In: mozilla, firefox, cookies, privacy

Square creates new online, mobile marketplace

Square, which makes little plastic blocks that plug into phones and tablets for credit card swiping, is launching Square Market, a new online space for retailers to set up digital storefronts.
Posted In: Square, e-commerce

It's like a d-d-default

A music video to remind you of the importance of default settings.
Posted In: mozilla, Music

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