Marketplace Tech for Thursday, June 13, 2013

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has laid out a $20 billion plan for fortifying his city from future giant storms like Sandy. The plan includes everything from installing storm surge barriers to setting resiliency requirements for telecom providers. Whether and when these 250 recommendations will be implemented remains to be seen. But some of the city's tech-minded residents aren't waiting around. And, behold, the Facebook hashtag is upon us.

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Snapchat's latest demographic? Wall Street bankers

Wall Street bankers are catching on to Snapchat, an app which allows user to send photos and other messages that self-destruct in a seconds.
Posted In: apps, Wall Street, social media

License, registration...and cellphone

A state lawmaker in New Jersey has proposed a bill to allow law enforcement to confiscate a phone if they have "reasonable grounds" to believe it contributed to a crash.
Posted In: cell phone, mobile, texting, driving

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