Marketplace Tech for Thursday, January 2, 2014

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In New York City this week it's out with the old mayor and in with the new guy -- Michael Bloomberg is being replaced by Bill De Blasio. And one of the things the new mayor will be looking at is the taxi of tomorrow:  A fleet of green Nissan vehicles that launched this fall, fitted with some custom technology absent in the usual yellow cab. And today we hear from Dave McClure, founding partner at the Venture Capitol firm 500 Startups, about what kind of software everyone everyone will be using this year. He says to expect more growth in messaging apps around the world.

New Year's resolution: Don't get hacked

Snapchat suffered a major security breach and Skype saw its social media accounts compromised.
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Apps to help keep your New Year's resolutions

We talk to Whitson Gordon, editor in chief of Lifehacker, about which apps will keep you on track.
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Tech predictions for 2014: Software and startups

What kind of software will see the most growth, and where will the next start-up scene be in 2014?
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The tech of New York's new taxi cabs

A look inside the new fleet of green Nissan taxis poised to upgrade the ride around the Big Apple.
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