Marketplace Tech for Thursday, February 28, 2013

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What online activity is worth the effort and actually leads to sales? Banner ads, Facebook likes, links to the time you were on public radio? Diamond Candle turned to a New York startup called SumAll, which has come up with a way to let clients see the stats on what online action caused what online reaction. SumAll's founder Dane Atkinson says big Internet companies have a mountain of data on this, but making sense of it is the trick. And, a Carnegie Mellon post-doc student and Japanese researchers have just come up with a way to get smooth video from a thrown, spinning football. 

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How much is a Facebook 'like' worth to your business?

What online activity actually leads to sales? An digital data cruncher breaks down the value of Facebook 'likes', Instragram photos, and online posts.
Posted In: social media, advertising, Facebook, Google

BallCam gives ball's-eye view of football field

You've heard of a bullseye. What about a ball's-eye? A Carnegie Mellon post-doc student and Japanese researchers have come up with a way to get smooth video from inside a spinning football.
Posted In: Sports, football, Tech

Tech companies tell Supreme Court: We support same-sex marriage

Technology firms like Facebook and eBay are heavily represented among corporations and cities filing briefs supporting same-sex marriage in cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Posted In: marriage, gay marriage, Tech, Supreme Court

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