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Today, lawmakers in the House are voting on a bill that could fight the growing problem of patent trolls. Some estimates put the annual cost of patent lawsuits at $80 billion. The Innovation Act could help put a dent in that. It has support from tons of tech companies. In an ever-updating society where consumers are constant targets of tech marketing, it's no wonder we've developed quite an appetite for replacing the old with the latest and greatest. But a new study from Yale University out this week says a lot of the precious ingredients of our consumer technology is kind of irreplaceable. And, in today's Mind Games, how video games are being used to treat PTSD.

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NSA gathers 5 billion phone records a day

The National Security Agency is collecting almost 5 billion cellphone records daily from around the world, meaning the NSA is tracking individuals movements in ways previously unknown.
Posted In: NSA leaks, nsa, surveillance, Edward Snowden

Using virtual reality video games to treat PTSD

Virtual reality simulations are being used to treat soldiers with a kind of therapy that predates the technology.
Posted In: mental health, PTSD, video games, virtual reality

Why the metals used in tech products are... irreplaceable

From smart phones to solar panels, tech equipment uses a lot of metals that don't have a good substitute.
Posted In: rare earth minerals, consumer electronics

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