Marketplace Tech for Thursday, August 29, 2013

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The idea of controlling objects, even other humans, with only your brain is a holy grail of tech innovation. And what researchers did at the University of Washington this month sounds pretty amazing. Using non-invasive technology to record and stimulate brain function, a researcher at one end of campus controlled the physical actions of someone at the other end of campus. And, Twitter makes another move at revenue.

Shutting down the internet as a weapon?

Should shutting off the internet be used as a weapon against Syria?
Posted In: Syria Internet, syria, cyberwar

Get out of my head, man!: Scientist controls colleague's finger with mind

A researcher at the University of Washington sent a brain signal through the internet to move another man's finger.
Posted In: neuroscience, mind control

Twitterventions: Using social media to reach out to those in need

A Canadian nurse uses Twitter to find people who may be suicidal and help them.
Posted In: Twitter, suicide, social media

Can Ticketmaster's former CEO help Twitter make big bucks?

By hiring Nathan Hubbard, Twitter seeks to make revenue.
Posted In: Twitter, ticketmaster, big data

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