Marketplace Tech for Thursday, August 22, 2013

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All this week we're looking at how technology is helping people with disabilities approach their lives in new ways. We've spoken to academics as well as technology designers and engineers. Today we’re talking with Jennifer Feinberg, the brains behind an app called Wheel New York. If it raises enough cash on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Wheel New York could become like a Yelp for wheelchair access.

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Secret court judge reprimands NSA over privacy breaches

It might be cold comfort for those worried about government surveillance, but today we learned a federal judge reprimanded the NSA for breaking its own privacy requirements.
Posted In: nsa, NSA leaks, tumblr, surveillance

MIT Tech Review's new list of top young techies

This year's list is just out. It's full of game makers, health care hackers, engineers and people hoping to build new energy economies.
Posted In: innovation, Tech

Wheel New York: Yelp for wheelchair access

A new app, Wheel New York, helps people map and review wheelchair accessibility around the big city.
Posted In: disability, wheelchair, New York City

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