Marketplace Tech for Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Literature and art help us explore the mysteries of the human mind. But understanding the minute circuitries of the human brain takes science, technology and according to the Obama Administration, quite a bit of federal money. You may have heard the administration is pumping $100 million into getting a detailed understanding of the brain, with the hope of treating or eliminating diseases such as Alzheimer's. But what you haven't heard about is the tech involved.

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NIH director welcomes BRAIN initiative

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins says government funding is the best way to support large scientific enterprises and fundamental health advances.
Posted In: brain, research, Science, Health, Obama

As the cellphone turns 40, the story behind the famous first call

40 years ago the cellphone was invented by Martin Cooper at Motorola, much to the dismay of a competing team at AT&T's Bell Labs.
Posted In: Cellphones, Tech, inventions

Would you like some salt with your batteries?

A promising new technology aims to store electricity for the power grid on the cheap.
Posted In: energy, batteries, power grid, electricity

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