Marketplace Tech for Thursday, April 17, 2014

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China's version of Twitter goes public, but there are big concerns over censorship. Nine percent of China's microblogging traffic disappeared last year due to "big brother" concerns. Plus, Aaron Smith, a senior researcher at Pew’s Internet Project, joins us to talk about American attitudes toward future technologies. Before a company sells for billions of dollars, it starts as an entrepreneur's big idea, with venture capitalists stepping in somewhere in between. A new study shows VCs are more likely to back companies if the founders are the same ethnicity as the investors.

How "public" is Weibo?

Weibo goes public on Nasdaq as concerns over censorship remain.
Posted In: Weibo, China, censorship

Blind spot: VC and minority business

VCs are more likely to invest if executives are the ethnicity of investors.
Posted In: venture, VC

Dude, where's my flying car?

A new study looks at Americans' attitude towards the future.
Posted In: pew research center, technology, forecasting

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