Marketplace Tech Report for Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Today we start with a story of the sock puppet and the politician that should put us all on alert for digital dirty tricks. In Britain -- as in the U.S. -- here is a debate about so-called payday loans: how much is too much to charge, for very short-term lending to people with low incomes. A British member of parliament pushing to cap these fees found herself getting attacked on Twitter. But it's Thanksgiving, so instead of nasty tweets, let's make the world a better place. One Silicon Valley entrepreneur has a plan: he wants startup companies to engage in more philanthropy.

A Thanksgiving recipe for more giving from tech startups

Marketplace tech looks at the digital form of something called “sock puppeting,” and how one Silicon Valley success story thinks start ups should be more involved in philanthropy.
Posted In: philanthropy, sock puppet, lobbying

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