Marketplace Tech for Monday, September 23, 2013

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The notion of something going viral online is nothing new, but there's a fast expanding area of study in social media and how we share things: The study of Mass Psychogenic Illness online. Incidents of socially spreading hysteria and other forms of illness go back hundreds of years, but new technologies could be making these incidents spread faster and farther.

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New York cracks down on false reviews

New York's Attorney General has slapped 19 companies with fines for writing fake online reviews.
Posted In: Yelp, online reviews, business, ratings, New York, reviews, fake reviews

Using the Internet to spread mass hysteria

New technologies of the modern age could be making incidents of hysteria spread faster and farther than before.
Posted In: viral, online, Internet, Tech, mass hysteria, social media, Mass Psychogenic Illness

Kickstarter for your start-up: Finding accredited investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission changes its rules around crowdsourcing start-up companies.
Posted In: kickstarter, crowdsourcing, IPOs, crowdfunding, start-ups

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