Marketplace Tech for Monday, October 21, 2013

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Netflix earnings are out this afternoon; they’re already changing the way we watch. Hackers have wormed their way into the navigation systems of shipping boats. Should we be worried? And farmers are adapting new technology: Social media. It’s a way to push back against negative agricultural stereotypes.

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France gets the NSA treatment

The new revelation is part of Edward Snowden's latest leak.
Posted In: NSA leaks, nsa, Edward Snowden, France

#harvest13: Farmers use social media

Farmers are using social media services like Twitter to connect with consumers and each other.
Posted In: farmers, farming, social media, Twitter

Hackers find vulnerability in system that tracks shipping vessels

Fake radio signals can be used to make ships that don't exist appear on the tracking system.
Posted In: shipping, hacking

What's next for Netflix?

The streaming service's original series are a hit, but do they equal new subscribers?
Posted In: netflix, quarterly report

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