Marketplace Tech for Monday, November 4, 2013

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The Obama administration has made it a priority to invest in advanced battery technology for the future. But there's another technology revolutionizing energy storage -- the supercapacitor. Also, why Snapchat has the potential to be the next big social media investment. And, are teens opting out of Facebook?

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BlackBerry won't sell itself; CEO is out

BlackBerry will get a large cash investment to reorganize.
Posted In: Blackberry

Supercapacitor: Today's energy revolution

They charge up hundreds of times faster than a battery, never wear out and need replacing, and they don’t care about temperature extremes.
Posted In: batteries

Snapchat, beloved app of teens and investors everywhere

Forget Twitter. Snapchat is rumored to have just raised $200 million in venture capital.
Posted In: Snapchat, venture capital

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