Marketplace Tech for Monday, November 25, 2013

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"Midnight Memories," the latest album from from One Direction drops today. The new album's already topped the charts in 10 countries ahead of its release. After several days of testing, New Jersey is scheduled to fully launch its new online gambling system tomorrow. After Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey will become the third to allow gambling on the internet -- as long as you're getting online within state borders. How do they tell? The digital address of your device. And, our first Techsplainer answers your tech questions.

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What crazy inventions from the future will Apple make with PrimeSense?

Apple has purchased a company that helped create Microsoft's Xbox Kinect.
Posted In: apple, kinect

Techsplainer: What the heck is an IP address?

For the first edition of Marketplace Tech's new segment answering your tech questions, we look at IP addresses.
Posted In: techsplainer

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