Marketplace Tech for Monday, November 11, 2013

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When we talk about building new technology, we're often talking about building it out of artificial ingredients. But as we understand our natural world better, the area of biotechnology is growing. And a person at the forefront of using biotech in everything from medical instruments to consumer electronics is Angela Belcher, professor of biological engineering at MIT. She's been looking at sea snails and how they might help us build new technology.

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The postman always rings twice on Sundays (if you ordered from Amazon)

Amazon has just announced a new deal with USPS for Sunday delivery.
Posted In: Amazon, usps

Google changes rules: But what rules?

You know those warnings across the top of Google you’ve ignored for weeks? Those changes in terms of service take effect today, and you will care.
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Sea snails: The key to a world of environmentally compatible technology?

At MIT, a scientist is studying sea snails, and say they hold the key to "biologically inspired processing."
Posted In: batteries, Environment

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