Marketplace Tech for Monday, May 5, 2014

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Mini series 24 kicks off production in London
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A lot has changed in our tech lives since counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer left the air in 2014. When "24" returns, will the show have caught up? Plus, more on Twitter's transformation from a social network to a publishing platform. Also, in the first installment of our series, Playing with Machines, Tom Jenkinson, known as Squarepusher, talks about his latest album, "Music for Robots," which is performed entirely by robot musicians. Jenkinson discusses the machines' incredible capabilities, and the challenge of making them sound more... human.

Marketplace Tech gets musical

"Playing with Machines" takes a look at how musicians use tech to make music
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The guitarist with 78 fingers

UK-based composer and guitarist Squarepusher talks about his latest EP.
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