Marketplace Tech for Monday, July 22, 2013

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As consumers move from computers to smartphones and tablets, ad dollars aren't moving with them. Starting today Google plans to nudge advertisers along by requiring ad campaigns to be bought across all platforms. And remember the days when the name of a tech company actually reflected what the company did? may have been a failure, but at least you knew what it was. Now there's a new naming convention in town.

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Even Google struggles with mobile ads

Google will make mandatory a plan forcing customers to buy advertising across all platforms.
Posted In: Google, mobile ads, mobile, smartphone, tablet

The biggest obstacle for the Hyperloop? Money

Musk has only hinted at what the Hyperloop is, but he's described his latest idea as a 'cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table.'
Posted In: tesla, Elon Musk, transporation, inventions

For tech companies, what's in a

A new crop of tech startups are taking on wacky names that leave customers wondering what it is they do.
Posted In: startups, Tech, branding

A look at the 'Hyperloop,' and other off-beat inventions in history

Tesla's Elon Musk hopes to revolutionize transportation with a combination railgun, air hockey table and Concorde. What can he learn from past inventions?
Posted In: inventions, Elon Musk

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