Marketplace Tech for Monday, January 6, 2014

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Tomorrow, the International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off. But today, the swarms of company reps and entrepreneurs arrive in Las Vegas. And there's already buzz on several topics. One of those is the internet of things. But not the idea of a toaster that can communicate with the fridge. We've been talking about that since last year. This year, it’s about exactly how all of our devices will communicate.

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Will I get stuck in the Kitchen Aid ecosystem?

At the big tech CES conference in Las Vegas, many new devices will come out that will help construct the internet of things.
Posted In: internet of things

Cars get even more connected with Google's Open Automotive Alliance

Honda and GM will join Audi in using Android operating systems.
Posted In: cars, Google, audi, Honda, GM

Looking at the future of the TV

Higher definition? Interactive programming? More movies at home? We look at what's next for TV.
Posted In: television, interactive, techsplainer