Marketplace Tech for Monday, February 18, 2013

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Thirst Labs has created an app that CEO Anuj Verma says could revolutionize the way we take in news and other data online. But will it? Also -- telephone companies aren't worried about competition from Skype, which by some estimates now accounts for one-third of the international calls market. Why not? Hint: there's more money in data plans. And, the guys from "Wedding Crashers" go to Google.

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Skype makes an international call, phone companies get paid

The free internet phone service has grabbed a huge chunk of the market for international calls.
Posted In: skype, communications, Internet, data plans

The difference between Apple's app store and Google Play: User data

When you buy from a digital storefront such as Google Play, how far and wide is that information shared?
Posted In: Tech, Google, apple, online privacy

Thirst CEO on creating the future of online news

A startup called Thirst has just launched an app for iPhone-iPads that is trying to re-invent the way we get news online.
Posted In: news, media, social media, app

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