Marketplace Tech for Monday, December 9, 2013

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Today the NASA Advisory Council holds a meeting. The name of the committee? Human Exploration and Operations. The topic will be what's next for human space exploration. Right now the answer seems to be Mars, but the first step is heading back toward the Moon on the planned Orion Space craft for a practice run. The exercise involves capturing an asteroid with some funny-sounding technology. Plus, Germany's police are using an app to track neo-Nazis. And, this week's Techsplainer.

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A proposal to limit government spying written by tech companies

Eight large tech companies sent a letter to the Obama administration requesting the government put new limits on its surveillance practices.
Posted In: surveillance, NSA leaks

NASA will go to Mars, but not before 'putting a baggie' on an asteroid

Before NASA goes to Mars, it will first return to the Moon and capture an asteroid.
Posted In: NASA, space exploration, mars, moon

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