Marketplace Tech for Monday, December 30, 2013

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Today, the North American Open Chess Tournament wraps up in Las Vegas. Worth mentioning because the game of chess and computing have long been connected. Marketplace Tech hears from a former chess champion who used his knowledge of the game to create a company called Pegasystems. And here's some news that will probably make your week less productive. The Internet Archive recently posted a huge trove of vintage console video games from the 70s and 80s.

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Inside the NSA's elite hacking unit

Tailored Access Operations is the NSA's elite hacking division.
Posted In: NSA leaks

2014 is going to be the wearable tech year, we swear

All this week, Marketplace Tech is going to be talking to guests about big tech trends in the coming year. Today, a topic that failed to live up to it's promise in 2013 -- wearable tech.
Posted In: wearable tech

D.C.'s traffic cameras go beyond just red lights

Washington's new network of almost 100 cameras will ticket folks who block the box, fail to yield to pedestrians, or drive overweight trucks on residential streets.
Posted In: traffic cameras, Washington D.C.

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