Marketplace Tech for Friday, October 18, 2013

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"The Fifth Estate" comes out today. The film is based on the real life events surrounding the website Wikileaks and the impact that document leaks had on the government, the press, and beyond. And, Google made investors happy yesterday with its quarterly earnings report. It turns out the online advertising business is still booming. Google's net income was up nearly $800 million over the same quarter last year.

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Advertising sales boost Google

The market is ga-ga for Google.
Posted In: Google, quarterly report

How well do you know the internet? This week's Silicon Tally

4 million songs. 82,857 address books. $1,999. $14,000 per square foot: Can you guess what these numbers mean?
Posted In: silicon tally

The lack of (legal) options for whistleblowers after Wikileaks

In a post-Wikileaks world, it's harder than ever to be a whistleblower.
Posted In: Julian Assange, wikileaks, whistleblowers

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