Marketplace Tech for Friday, November 22, 2013

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Once upon a time, competition in online retailing was about being able to offer you anything you wanted. Then, it was about free shipping, one-day shipping, free returns... Now, online retailers are trying to stand-out by offering "curated lists." We give you a list of sites that offered "curated" experiences. And, it's Friday. Hope you've been paying attention to this week's tech news. It's time for another edition of Silicon Tally, Marketplace Tech's weekly quiz.

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Xbox One doesn't look backwards

Critics are complaining the Xbox One isn't backwards compatible.
Posted In: Xbox One, Microsoft

London Tube rides go high tech

Starting soon, London Underground riders will be able to enjoy WiFi and other services.
Posted In: London, public transportation, wifi

How many galaxies can you see? This week's Silicon Tally

3 hours. 20-50 photos. 50 students. 11 percent. 7 billionaires. 3 galaxies. 4 flavors. Do you know what these numbers mean?
Posted In: silicon tally

5 sites that will curate your shopping for you

This holiday season is all about 'curation': Top 10 gift lists, lists for items under $50, under $100…you get the idea.
Posted In: holiday shopping, Black Friday

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