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While a lot of gamer talk over the next few weeks will be all Xbox and Playstation, there’s been a lot of buzz this fall about a whole different way to play. Valve is a company that makes games for PCs, but also consoles and mobile devices. It delivers its games with a distribution company called Steam. Many consider Valve and Steam to be more of a big gaming tent, and in that tent is a new console called the Steam Box.

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Watson is coming to a mobile app near you

IBM is putting the supercomputer into the cloud.
Posted In: IBM, Watson, cloud computing

Amazon may have 'Alpha House,' but Netflix has the data

Amazon is debuting a new series today, but competition between it and Netflix may hinge on who has the most data.
Posted In: Amazon, netflix

4 versus One: How will you game? This week's Silicon Tally

20 sharks. 23. $3,000. 7.5. 3.4 million. $579. 10.1 million. 8. 4 years. 16. Do you know what these numbers mean?
Posted In: silicon tally

PS4 vs. Xbox One: The battle for the couch

The new PlayStation comes out tomorrow, and the battle for the living room ramps up another notch.
Posted In: ps4, xbox, Sony, Microsoft

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