Marketplace Tech for Friday, May 17, 2013

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Aaron Swartz left behind a considerable online legacy before his suicide earlier this year at age 26. But a posthumously-released collaboration with the New Yorker might be among his most profound innovations and it might just be the first step towards guaranteeing true online anonymity. Plus, why U.S. officials froze an exchange for the online Bitcoin currency, and what happens next.

Aaron Swartz's 'Strongbox' could help protect sources

The late internet activist and a New Yorker reporter worked together to develop a way for sources to anonymously share documents.
Posted In: journalism, privacy, whistleblowers

Google challenges Microsoft over Windows Phone

The two tech giants go head-to-head over advertising on Google's YouTube app.
Posted In: windows phone, Microsoft, Google, YouTube

Homeland Security freezes account linked to Bitcoin exchange

In a blow to the fledgling digital currency, U.S. government officials have frozen an account tied to the world's largest Bitcoin exchange.
Posted In: bitcoin, Homeland Security

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