Marketplace Tech for Friday, March 22, 2013

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PayPal and Google see a future where you go into a store and use your smartphone to pay. These are called electronic wallets and recently Mastercard, wary of the competition, said it will start charging a controversial extra fee to some companies that want to run Mastercard transactions through their e-wallets. But the card company isn't stopping there. Mastercard's Ed McLaughlin says his company has a wallet of its own.

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As Dell looks to go private, what's its value?

Founder Michael Dell looks to take his company private. The deadline for competing bids is today.
Posted In: Dell, Tech

Mastercard's goes digital with e-wallet 'Masterpass'

Could electronic wallets become as common as cellphones? Paypal and Google sure hope so. But Mastercard has a plan for this future, too.
Posted In: mastercard, digital wallet, paypal

Federal government takes on domestic drone legislation

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee has been looking into the use of drones in America and how they might affect privacy. The federal government is working on new rules that could expand permits for drones in the coming years.
Posted In: drones, Law, Tech

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