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Google says it's doing what it calls 'spring cleaning' and sending Google Reader out to the landfill on July 1. Netflix has a new system that lets customers connect to Facebook, so their friends can see what they're watching. And where is the economic center of the earth?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 leads the Android pack, challenges Apple

Samsung unveiled its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4, last night in New York. The phones will start shipping at the end of April and have a slew of new features, including one that is raising some eyebrows, literally.
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Better, stronger, faster: How close are we to becoming cyborgs?

Science fiction loves the merger of the human body and machine. In mid-March 2013, what's the status of the merger? Will Oremus, a writer for Slate who has been working on a series about using tech to build better people, joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to explain how far we've come and where we are headed.
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Netflix offers $100,000 prize in cloud competition

Netflix is waving around $100,000 dollars in prize money for people with the best ideas to tune up and improve Netflix's data cloud. Netflix cloud systems director of architecture Alex Cockcroft joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to talk through the challenges of managing the company's remote data.
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Google cancels Reader, sets eyes on overtaking the web

Is Google Reader's death sentence a sign that Google isn't that interested in what we call the World Wide Web? Instead, does Google, like Facebook, want to be the web.
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