Marketplace Tech for Friday, June 7, 2013

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Surveillance of Americans by the National Security Agency and the FBI apparently goes beyond phone records. The Washington Post is reporting that these federal government agencies are also tapping the servers of nine large U.S. tech companies. And what the government learns from that data is being delivered to the president on an increasingly regular basis. It's part of a large scale secret program called PRISM -- the logo of which, incidentally, may look familiar.

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Is your computer part of a botnet? It's hard to tell

Microsoft worked with law enforcement this week to shutdown a massive network of computers being used by criminals called a botnet. What is a botnet? And could you be part of one?
Posted In: Microsoft, hacking, cybercrime

Text vs. phone data: Which is more valuable to the government?

Government tracking of Verizon telephone records raises the question of just how valuable phone information really is. Would it be more useful to track text message records?
Posted In: Verizon, text messages, cell phones, data mining

NSA Internet surveillance confirms privacy concerns

The National Security agency is tapping the servers of nine large U.S. tech companies, including Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Facebook, according to new reports.
Posted In: nsa, FBI, surveillance, Internet

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