Marketplace Tech for Friday, July 26, 2013

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Today it's Samsung’s turn to tell the world just how it did last quarter. The South Korean tech giant has become a successful competitor to Apple, selling tons of tablets, phones and more. But like Apple, its recent success means an ever higher bar of expectation, from profits to innovation. And yesterday Facebook's stock was up on good earnings news, but another Facebook story from this week caught our eye. It's about the developing world, where Facebook wants to be the portal for mobile users connecting to the Internet without a smartphone.

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Is Samsung treading water until the Galaxy S5?

Even though Samsung is still growing , its profits likely won’t ease concerns the company is in a bit of trouble.
Posted In: samsung, apple, smartphones, mobile

How Facebook plans to takeover the developing world

Facebook wants to be the Internet portal for mobile users. Those users won't likely have smartphones -- instead flip phones and text messages will connect them to the web.
Posted In: Facebook, developing countries, mobile, mobile apps

Channeling Nikola Tesla's electric currents today

The inventor has been cast as Thomas Edison's more magical nemesis and contemporary -- and he's currently being celebrated at the New York Hall of Science.
Posted In: inventions, electricity, New York City

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