Marketplace Tech for Friday, July 19, 2013

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In Seattle, the world's largest tunnel boring machine is about to get to work. Big Bertha -- named for former city mayor Bertha Knight Landes -- looks kind of like a giant, blue-tipped mechanical cigarette, except it's way cooler. And, drones could be worth more dead than alive in Dear Trail, Colorado. The town is considering offering hunting licenses and $100 bounties for unmanned aerial vehicles.  

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Could retail tracking lead to customer discrimination?

Retail stores have moved beyond Internet cookies to physical tracking, what's the big deal?
Posted In: Retail, surveillance, big data, web tracking

Meet Big Bertha, Seattle's ginormous tunnel boring machine

Big Bertha, named for former city mayor Bertha Knight Landes, will dig up to 100 feet a day and build a massive tunnel under the city for a new freeway.
Posted In: Seattle, infrastructure, construction

ACLU warns of license plate tracking

The American Civil Liberties Union says it has found another instance of Americans being tracked by the government. Not online, but on the road through license plate tracking.
Posted In: aclu, surveillance, NSA leaks

Venture capital investing comes back...a little

This is ‘no tech bubble’ says the head of the National Venture Capital Association. Even as the economy has improved, venture has not rebounded much.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, venture capital, private equity

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