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Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of Apple's Macintosh computer. Plus, today's game of Silicon Tally is set to level expert. And by that we mean that today's guest, who host Ben Johnson will try and stump with numbers from the week's tech news, is Kara Swisher, formerly of All Things D, currently co-executive editor with Walt Mossberg of the new tech news and reviews website Re/Code.

Advertising on the Grammys 'second screen'

Last year 28 million people watched the Grammys on TV. But more and more, some of the action and the ads will be happening on the so-called second screen.
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Qualcomm snaps up patents

Qualcomm has bought close to 2,000 patents from Hewlett Packard.
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Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh, on your 30th

Even if you never had a Mac, the innovations in computing it introduced 30 years ago have changed your digital experience
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Great Wall of Wyoming? This week's Silicon Tally

How closely have you been following this week's tech news? Take the quiz and put your knowledge to the test.
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