Marketplace Tech for Friday, February 8, 2013

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Europe has a plan for its own version of the Global Positioning System (GPS), but the over-budget, overdue Galileo system may never actually come into being. Twitter's purchase of Bluefin Labs might just be all about selling TV ads on your second screen. And the Internet of things is also going to have significant impact on the health care industry. 

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The medical Internet of things and the future of health care

How will health care be transformed by smart devices, continuous patient monitoring, and tele-medicine?
Posted In: health care, Internet, Tech, biotech

Twitter buys Bluefin, gets into ad tracking

Twitter's purchase of the research company Bluefin is about gathering the sort of social media info that can be used to extract more money from advertisers.
Posted In: Twitter, social media, tv, advertising

Why GPS could keep its American accent

The European Union is taking a hard look this week at its Galileo navigation system -- an alternative to American GPS. Galileo is so far costing three times what was projected.
Posted In: gps, Tech, england

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