Marketplace Tech for Friday, February 14, 2014

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If the U.S. government allows a $45 billion merger deal between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, many changes could be coming, and not just when it comes to the logo that sits on top of some 30 million monthly cable bills. There could be new departments, new restructuring and improving so-called "operational efficiencies" -- otherwise known as job cuts. Plus, Brendan Francis Newnam from APM's The Dinner Party Download joins us this week to play Marketplace Tech's Friday numbers game: Silicon Tally.

Why the Comcast-Time Warner deal would mean layoffs

Comcast says a merger with Time Warner Cable will create about $1.5 billion in "operating efficiencies." Translation: layoffs are coming.
Posted In: Comcast, Time Warner Cable

A valentine for a time capsule: This week's Silicon Tally

Play Silicon Tally to find out how well you've kept up on this week's tech news.
Posted In: Valentine's Day

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