Marketplace Tech for Friday, August 9, 2013

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A major tech company is facing bans on selling its gadgets in the U.S. -- except this time, it's not Apple, but their South Korean rival Samsung. It has to do with communications technology in older Samsung phones. You may remember Apple dodged a similar threat to selling some iPhone and iPad models last week. Today, the ITC is expected to make a decision on banning old Samsung phones because they infringe on Apple patents. Plus, Volkswagen has released a new app called "Smile Drive." And, inspired by one percenter-filled space station in the new sci-fi epic "Elysium," we find out how far away we are from establishing our own space colony.

Silent Circle's Phil Zimmermann on why it's shuttering its encrypted email service

Following Lavabit's lead, Silent Circle ends its encrypted email service so clients can avoid government scrutiny.
Posted In: online privacy, encryption, Edward Snowden

How close are we to a real-life 'Elysium'?

In anticipation of this weekend's big sci-fi epic, a look at how close we are to building a real-life space colony.
Posted In: space, movies

The spread of 'Gamification'

Major corporations and the government are creating apps and games to make non-game activities more game-like -- and they're collecting a lot of data.
Posted In: Volkswagen, Google, apps, gamification

Apple, Samsung patent fight drags on

The Apple-Samsung patent case in front of an appeals court on Friday differs from the Apple-Samsung patent dispute before the U.S. International Trade Commission.
Posted In: apple, samsung, patents

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