Marketplace Tech for Friday, August 2, 2013

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The Edward Snowden affair has shined a spotlight on the relationship between Silicon Valley and the federal government. For decades that relationship has been beneficial to both parties, leading to innovation in both the public and private sectors. But these days, things are getting pretty complicated. And activist investor Carl Icahn has sued Dell and its board to force a shareholder vote by today. Icahn wants that vote to fail.

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Silicon Valley and the government: It's complicated

The controversy over the National Security Agency grabbing our personal data, with the asssistance of Silicon Valley, could make it tough for tech to do business.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, nsa, NSA leaks, Edward Snowden, surveillance

Moto X enters the smartphone market, but can it hang with the big kids?

Motorola says what makes the phone different is so-called contextual computing, a tech buzz phrase which means the phone can tell when its in your hand versus in your car.
Posted In: Google, mobile, motorola, smartphone, android

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