Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With CEO gone, Yahoo could soon be for sale

As news of Yahoo firing their CEO comes out, questions are raised as to whether the company will soon officially be for sale.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Small business owners on front lines in tough economy

Why exactly do companies not want to hire these days, even if given some incentives? We talk to one small business owner who has been struggling to stay afloat in the fragile economy.
Posted In: Small Business

Jobs plan possible if Washington can reach political compromise

Jobs numbers continue to disappoint, but Washington keeps dragging without reaching any agreement to fix unemployment in the U.S. Will they soon start seeing eye-to-eye?

In troubled economy, CEOs could get the blame

Thousands of workers have been laid off every month this year, while businesses struggle to stay afloat. With stock prices plummeting, more CEOs may start losing their jobs.
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CEO turnover can revitalize companies in hard times

Yahoo and Bank of America just let go of some top level officials. And while management may not feel layoffs as much as the average worker, hard times mean less job stability for executives too.
Posted In: Wall Street

Court rules German bailout of eurozone to be legal

Last year, the German government bailed out Greece and other eurozone countries that had run up against tough economic times. Despite the unpopularity of the measure, courts have ruled the moves legal.

U.K. jobs market is dire, but still slightly better than U.S.

Workers across Britain are struggling to find work in any number of industries. Unemployment has made its biggest jump since 2009, and experts say the new austerity plan could make things worse.

Yahoo, Bank of America fire top executives

While thousands of rank-and-file workers face layoffs every month, shakeups are also happening at the top ranks of companies. The latest cuts come at Yahoo and Bank of America, both struggling in today's tough market.
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The Post Office knock-on effect

The U.S. Postal Service is pressing more than 20,000 suppliers for a total of $1 billion a year in cost cuts. Ouch.

Ex-cons in Missouri get help with job placement

Because of new sentencing guidelines, up to 12,000 inmates around the country will be eligible for early release. A Missouri nonprofit looks to get them employed, which could help save the country from $200 million in prison expenses
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Security costs skyrocketed in private sector after 9/11

It's estimated that U.S. private businesses have spent at least an extra $10 billion a year on security since 9/11, for even the least expected sort of threats.
Posted In: Agriculture

Detroit hopeful for jobs action from Obama

President Obama visited the hard-hit Motor City earlier this week to discuss job creation initiatives.
Posted In: Jobs

Free trade agreements delayed by job support program

The ground work for negotiating three trade agreements are beginning in Congress, but there's a political argument over a longstanding program that helps re-train workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign competition.
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