Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama advocates for change at U.N.

Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly for the first time, President Obama proclaimed a new spirit of cooperation in tackling global problems. Steve Chiotakis dissects his speech with Marketplace's John Dimsdale.

What will Fed say about interest rates?

The Federal Reserve wraps up its two-day meeting this afternoon and will make an announcement on interest rates and the health of the economy. Steve Chiotakis talks to Richard DeKaser of Woodley Park Research.
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PG&E protests CO2 business lobby

Pacific Gas and Electric has withdrawn from the Chamber of Commerce to protest its environmental policies. The major utility company is the latest in a number of companies criticizing business lobby groups. John Dimsdale reports.

E.U. overhaul works to avert crises

Today the E.U. unveiled a plan to overhaul the way banks and financial markets are overseen. Officials hope to present the plan to the G20 in Pittsburgh as a blueprint for averting financial crises. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Stephen Beard.

Workers transform after loss of steel

When Pittsburgh's steel industry began to fall apart, steel workers needed to find a new way to survive. Marketplace's Rico Gagliano spoke with former steel workers to see if they had any advice for autoworkers in Detroit.
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Barclays will make BlackRock a leader

U.S. fund manager BlackRock was given the OK to buy a chunk of assets from major British bank Barclays. The new firm will have $2.8 trillion worth of funds under its belt, making it the world's biggest money manager. Stephen Beard reports.
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House debates merging regulators

Today, the House begins two weeks of hearings on banking reform. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will defend a plan to merge two of the four federal regulators. But the move is drawing its fair share of debate. John Dimsdale reports.

New TV season bets on the funny

TV networks are putting out several new comedies at the start of the new season. The return to lighter fare is a change-up from the focus on the hour-long drama, which has been popular the last few years. Stacey-Vanek Smith reports.
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Why food producers are doing well

ConAgra and General Mills report earnings this week, and things seem to be looking up. Why? The short answer: it costs less to buy what it takes for companies to make the food. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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B of A, Chase modify overdraft fees

Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase announced late yesterday they would cap the size and frequency of penalties they impose on overdrafts. Will other banks follow suit? Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's John Dimsdale.
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