Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Wednesday afternoon, we will learn just how much the Federal Reserve has decided to scale back on stimulus spending. The vulnerability of social security numbers -- the simple nine-digit code that holds so much of our private information. And lists, lists, lists. Why is the media obsessed with lists? We read off a list to explain. Just kidding, of course. 

PODCAST: Quantitative Easing, explained

Quantitative Easing gets explained. A look at why businesses are heavily promoting the Common Core education initiative. And a new demographic is making big inroads in the tech world -- Latinos. That's all on today's podcast.

Why the media -- and people -- love lists

The Forbes 400 is out. Media organizations spend a lot of time and money on building and promoting lists because they're easy to promote and can help sell a lot of ads.
Posted In: lists, Economy, business, media, Forbes

U.S. companies defend the Common Core

Businesses rally behind a controversial new set of math and literacy standards, which they view as crucial to preparing an educated workforce.
Posted In: Education, common core, ExxonMobil, Intel

Apple's operating system aims to shift the way we interact with our devices

No major changes in functionality, but the look and feel of the phone will bring a dramatic change to how we interact with electronics.
Posted In: apple, iOS 7, iPhone, iPad

So what's Quantitative Easing anyway?

About 75 percent of Americans couldn't identify the bond buying program from a multiple choice list. So it's not too late to ask: Quantitative Easing entails the FED buying bonds to keep interest rates down and encourage lending.
Posted In: quantitative easing, bond buying, stimulus, FOMC, Federal Reserve

Latinos making inroads in Silicon Valley

A huge chunk of immigrant-founded start-ups were developed by Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs. But now a new group is emerging.
Posted In: Latinos, Silicon Valley, Tech, start-ups

A change to the email inbox means marketers need to adapt

Retailers and email marketers are upset that Gmail's new updates are hurting their sales.
Posted In: email, Gmail, Google, inbox, marketing, advertising

Protecting your social security number from hackers

Social security numbers are open to hacking if not properly protected.
Posted In: Money Matters, Personal Finance, social security numbers, hacking

Surprise! Fed torpedoes the taper, for now

Experts predicted the Fed would reduce bond buying, but economic concerns means that the stimulus will continue.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, bond buying, stimulus, FOMC

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