Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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All eyes are on Europe today as leaders meet for a summit which was intended to produce a rigid plan on how to solve the regions financial woes. That crisis could affect U.S. contractors in the coming months. There are increasing worries over the future of health care in America, but there is some bright news when it comes to student loans. Paddy Hirsch explains what is so bad about exposure, and Nokia tries to become a major player in the smartphone market.

President Obama's plan to shake up the student loan system

New laws, originally meant to take effect in 2014, are allowing graduating students to feel less overwhelmed by their federal loan debt.
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A new plan to make student loan debt more manageable

President Obama is in Colorado today announcing a plan to help young Americans pay off their student loan debt.
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European leaders still disagree over aspects of crisis plan

Today's promised deadline for reaching a solution to the financial problems in Europe is looking increasingly less firm. Leaders are still arguing over main points of the plan.

European debt crisis could affect U.S. contractors

The economic crisis in Europe could affect defense contractors in the U.S. They diversified their sales and now those sales are in trouble.

Nokia to unveil new line of smartphones

The global leader in cell phone sales stumbled badly with its own smartphone operating system. It's hoping Microsoft can help it make a comeback.

Making health care work

The country's largest employer, Walmart, is dropping health coverage or raising premiums for its workers. David Lazarus discusses the future of health care.
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European leaders convene over mounting debt crisis

Leaders in Europe will meet for a summit today, but the expectation that a firm solution to their problems is looking unlikely.

Beware overexposure to Greek bonds

Just like overexposure to the sun will get you burned, so will overexposure to Greek bonds. But normal exposure might not hurt.
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What European indecision could mean for the rest of us

We hear from the BBC's Andrew Walker and Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics about what a decision -- or lack thereof -- in Europe today could mean for the rest of the world.

Mid-day Extra: Greek myths and metaphors

Can ancient Greek mythology be helpful in explaining the current economic state in Europe?
Posted In: Entertainment, Greece

Student loan plan will help, but not solve issues with education costs

President Obama is expected to announce a plan today that will help graduates burdened with student loan debt. But is it enough?
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