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The debt ceiling debate is back. But don't worry, this time it's in Australia. The newly elected conservative government there needs to raise its limit on new borrowing, and there are echoes of the debate that brought the U.S. to the brink of default last week. JPMorgan Chase, the biggest of banks, is reportedly close to paying $6 billion to settle claims by big institutional investors that they were sold bad mortgage-backed securities. That's not to be confused with the other settlements JPM is confronting, including the possible $13 billion one with the federal government. And, tonight is game one of the World Series. In an era of TV that's easy to time-shift, people watching live is a big deal for advertisers.

PODCAST: The global impact of illegal logging

The SEC considers rules for allowing companies to raise money online. The city of Detroit tells a judge it can't pay for the $18 billion in long-term liabilities it has accumulated.

Doesn't matter who wins the World Series, networks and advertisers score

The World Series starts and big sporting events like this still bring what advertisers want -- live viewers.
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Facebook (sort of) lifts ban on graphic videos

Nudity is still not okay, though.
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Judge hears arguments over whether Detroit is eligible for bankruptcy

The city says it can't pay for the $18 billion in long-term liabilities it has accumulated.
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American Realty to buy Cole

How's the real estate market doing in 2013?
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JPMorgan close to $6 billion settlement with investors

The biggest of the banks is reportedly gearing up for another massive settlement, but that may not be JPMorgan's biggest problem.
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Debt ceiling debate goes down under

Australia's debt ceiling debate didn't look too much like America's.
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Kickstart your startup! SEC votes on crowdfunding

The SEC considers rules for allowing companies to raise money online.
Posted In: kickstarter, SEC, dot com boom

The global problem of illegal logging

A federal probe into a Virginia household wood company has revealed a larger, worldwide problem with poached wood.
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Marketplace voicemail: Take a look, it's in a book

It's hard to have a conversation with LeVar Burton about Reading Rainbow without getting the show’s iconic theme song stuck in your head.
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LeVar Burton talks literacy and his 'Reading Rainbow' app (Plus, a quiz!)

LeVar Burton sits down to talk with Marketplace Tech. Plus, check out our LeVar Burton quiz. We'll give you a plot line, and you tell us: Is it a "Star Trek" episode? Or a "Reading Rainbow" book?
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Blackberry is dead; Long live BBM!

Blackberry Messenger was downloaded over 5 million times in eight hours when it was made available for iPhone and Android.
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Apple unveils new iPads, but no smart watch yet

If you were waiting for Tim Cook to debut a revolutionary smart watch or television, yesterday wasn't your day.
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