Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NFL labor fight makes sponsors nervous

A fight has been brewing between the National Football League's owners and players' union over how to split up the big money the NFL takes in. The Wall Street Journal's Matthew Futterman wrote an article about the battle and talks with Steve Chiotakis about what's at stake.
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Oil companies adjust to new landscape

Now that the Obama administration has lifted the moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil industry may be able to hire back some of the thousands of people who have been unable to work in the region for the past months. But with tougher rules now in place, the industry may end up looking quite different. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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EPA to OK more ethanol in gasoline

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce an increase in the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline. Reporter Janet Babin talks with Bill Radke about why some environmentalists oppose that increase and whether consumers will be able to tell if they're buying gas with ethanol in it.
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Paying... to pay your bills

If you pay your bills on time, you are to be congratulated -- and possibly charged a fee. Some lenders, telecommunications companies and other providers will charge you a fee just to allow you to pay your bills. L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus talks with Bill Radke about pay-to-pay fees and what we can do about them.

Europe mulls deepwater moratorium

The European Commission is considering its own moratorium on deep sea oil drilling -- at least until the U.S. inquiry into the Gulf spill has been published. London bureau chief Stephen Beard talks with Steve Chiotakis about whether a moratorium is likely in Europe.
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FCC focuses on cell phone bill shock

Ever been caught off guard by your cell phone bill? That's the subject of conversation when the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission outlines plans to prevent surprises on your cell phone bill. Tony Arnold reports.

Las Vegas economy bouncing back?

Las Vegas Review-Journal entertainment columnist Doug Elfman talks with Steve Chiotakis about signs of economic recovery in Sin City and what the future looks like in Vegas.

Public spending cuts hurt private sector

Many European governments, including the U.K., have been looking to reduce public spending. That would include many government job losses, but a report today warns about a knock-on effect in the private sector that would see up to half-a-million jobs being lost.

A look at corporate earnings & the Fed

Better corporate earnings and the Federal Reserve saying it is ready to help a crummy economy are helping push stocks up. Where do these two worlds come together? Richard DeKaser of Woodley Park Research talks the details with Bill Radke.

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